I took the Diet Coke Syrup and Pete’s Choice and combined enough to make a glass of soda.  I must say it was wonderful!   It had a rich, deep flavor that the Pete’s Choice was lacking by itself.  Just thought I would make a quick post regarding mixing the two flavors.  I am now off to try other mixtures from the pre-made flavors in my supply!   Happy drinking everyone.
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Diet Coke

I was at Sam’s Club and decided to fall on the knife and purchase five gallons of Diet Coke syrup.  I did this for two reasons, I love Diet Coke and to see how far five gallons of syrup will go.  I divided up the syrup into jugs and refrigerated.  I added some to my seltzer that I created with my Soda Stream.  It isn’t as concentrated as the Soda Stream flavors so I don’t think it will go as far as I had hoped but we will see. 

I also had some coupons from Bed, Bath and Beyond so I purchased Diet Orange and Diet Pete (Dr. Pepper like.)  I LOVE the orange the Diet Pete is okay and very similar to Dr. Pepper.  I do think Dr. Pepper in recent years has perfected their Diet version and it would be very hard to replicate or make better.   I must say though that I did enjoy the Dr. Pete.

Once I know if it’s worth buying the Diet Coke soda syrup I will let everyone know.

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Another “Off Brand” soda tasting.

Okay everyone I will admit that this tasting is for the Walmart Sams Soda brand.  I do not usually like promoting Wallyworld just because it’s so big and doesn’t need promoting.  I also think that some of the name brand Soda’s just charge way too much so if there is a good deal I will go for the deal.  The Sam’s brand goes for 2.50 for a twelve pack or 4.98 for a case of twenty-four.  I’ve tasted all the flavors that the local store offers and must give them all a thumbs up.  My go to taste base is always the diet colas.  The reason is because if they are bad they are really bad!  The diet cola is good, no strong aftertaste and just the right amount of bite.  The fruit flavors are good as is the fake Dr. Pepper.

If you are willing to go with the off brand I would drink these as easily as the name brand.

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I made my own carbonator and LOVE it.  Now this isn’t pretty or as fast as the Soda Steam.  It’s best kept out of view of the guest but it works great!!!

I got the idea from Instructables.com they have some wonderful DIY projects and I couldn’t resist this one.

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New Flavor

Hi all, I’m back after taking the weekend off.

I tried one of Soda Streams flavors that really surprised me!  They call it Energy Drink.  I must admit that I occasionally will try a random energy drink, not so much for the energy but because I like the flavor.  I like the twang that an energy drink puts off.  Some have too much twang and you can’t unpucker your face.  The most famous energy drink is Red Bull.  I like Red Bull and guess what, I can’t taste the difference in Red Bull and Soda Streams Energy Drink.  Of all the tastes tests I’ve done on sodas this one is really amazing.  Every flavor note is exact!  I might actually like it better because I can add more carbonation to the Energy Drink flavor.  If you go price for price the energy drink saves so much money it’s not even a competition.  If you don’t own a Soda Stream you can add the flavor to a store-bought seltzer water and add the flavor.  

I have to go, I just drank an Energy Drink and need to do something physically productive!  😉

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Cran Raspberry and Zero Cola from Soda Stream

I opened two additional flavors to taste!  Well my readers the more I get into the taste test and using my Soda Stream the happier I get.

The Cranberry Raspberry is so good!  It has the refreshing taste I was hoping for in this flavor profile.  You can taste the two fruits in the syrup.  I was talking with my Nephew Sully about how good it is and he couldn’t be convinced.  Sully is a cola and root beer kid.  I made a deal with him, we would create an experiment with the flavor.  I went old school with the cran raspberry.  Here is my recipe, take the soda water add a few tablespoons of chocolate syrup *the kind you use to make chocolate milk* stir.  Take the Cran Raspberry flavored soda and combine it with the chocolate soda mix.  Sullivan tasted it and gave a thumbs up.  It was like having the best of both worlds, a great chocolate bar and the Cran Raspberry soda.  YUM!

For the Zero Cola I bought a bottle of Coke Zero to compare the two flavors.  I must say I couldn’t tell the difference.  Both had that great cola taste.  I will say I didn’t think the SS flavor was as chemically tasting as the Coke Zero.  I prefer a strong bubble burn so with the Soda Stream I was able to add some extra carbonation. 

I have now made 10 liters and am keeping track to see how many litters I can make before I have to purchase more CO2.

If you’ve tried Soda Streams flavors let me know which you think is the best.

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2 additional flavors tested from Soda Stream

Here are the some more reviews of the flavors of Soda Stream.

The first one is Diet Pink Grapefruit.  It is amazing!  I love pink grapefruit, it’s actually my favorite fruit.  I usually take a few grapefruits and slice, juice and freeze for a dessert.  I tell you this so you understand my fondness for the fruit.  I’ve always liked Fresca, even as a kid when it seemed like an exotic drink to me.  I must say as much as I love Fresca, Soda Streams Pink Grapefruit is heads above Fresca.  I actually tasted the syrup before adding it to the carbonated water, my mouth puckered a bit. 🙂  When I added it to the soda water I can’t tell you how impressed I was!!!!  It tastes like my frozen grapefruit, fresh and tangy!  It wasn’t too sour but had a really nice bite to it.  I really can’t say enough about this product.  If you love grapefruit you must try this flavor!

The next syrup I tried was the Root Beer.  It was nice, creamy and had a classic Root Beer Flavor.  Some root beers can taste very chemically.  This root beer almost tastes like the one I made myself (earlier post).  I will say it doesn’t create the root beer head that some brands do but, I will also say I opened an A & W root beer yesterday that didn’t create the creamy head it used to either.  I liked this root beer and more importantly my nephew Sully liked it and he is extremely picky about anything he eats or drinks.  He finished one glass and asked if he could have another, I knew it was a hit!

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