I had the chance to taste a product that I must rave about.   I don’t know if you’ve seen anything on the net or Facebook about a product called FAVE.  I will add the link to their website.  They have something called  Fruit Flavored Aerated Water.  I’ve tasted plenty of fruit flavored waters and though I like them they always had the artificial fruit flavor.  Flav really amazed me!  The Peach flavor tasted just like a fresh peach.  To actually compare the flavors I cut open a fresh grown peach and took a bite.  I then took a sip from the Peach flavored Flav.  They were as close in flavor as possible.  The grape was incredible, it had the sweet crispy flavor of fresh purple grapes.  I had my nephew who only likes two kinds of fruit he approved completely, he tried the Apple and Grape.  I actually managed to get him to taste the Peach Flav, he loved it.  He  enjoyed it so much we got him to taste a real peach, he prefers the drink.  The Cherry flavor was very good.  It had a rich cherry flavor which is sometimes lost in the other flavored water drinks.  The Cherry flavor didn’t have that candy artificial aftertaste that I’ve tasted in other waters.  I love the taste of mangos but I HATE dealing with the large pit in the fruit.  I was happy to learn that the mango tastes just like the fruit.  Yes, I will still eat the fruit but I will now have an alternative when I want that flavor.

I will say that I usually drink diet drinks but the drinks are 80 calories so I don’t mind indulging every once in a while.  I also really like the packaging.   It’s unique and interesting to look at, not a big factor in taste however as an artist I find it appealing.

I like promoting new products or ones I’ve just started seeing online.  I hope you all look at their web site.  I usually don’t get this excited about a product but you should all really take a minute and look at their web site.


About I LOVE Soda

I drink way to much soda. On a trip to Atlanta for a teachers convention the highlight of my trip was my Coke museum tour. I've tasted Soda (or Pop as we usually call it) from around the world and don't plan on stopping.
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