It’s been a while.

So I’ve been out of commission with my blog for a while but I am back!!!!

I still LOVE Soda!!!  Have you all seen that Soda Stream is now going Main Stream!  They are in more and more stores!!!   I’m so excited!  I believe I have saved so much on of all things my garbage bill because of Soda Stream.  In my town we have to purchase stickers to put on our bags.  I used to have two full bags with nothing but soda bottles and cans.  That means I am now saving three dollars a week just on garbage.  I penny pinch so that’s a big deal. 

Have you tried the natural flavors?  I am a diet drinker all the way but because the calories are not too bad I indulge occasionally with the naturals.  I’ll also give you a really cool hint.  I make homemade marshmallows as a sideline, guess what I used to flavor many of the recipes?  That’s right the natual soda flavors. 

Happy drinking all!!!


About I LOVE Soda

I drink way to much soda. On a trip to Atlanta for a teachers convention the highlight of my trip was my Coke museum tour. I've tasted Soda (or Pop as we usually call it) from around the world and don't plan on stopping.
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