Tax and Pop

So the government in some states would like to tax pop.  It’s causing obesity in children and adults.  Well, I must say I have many opinions on the topic.  I wonder if they will tax diet soda or just the sugared?  Are they going to look at “Juice”?  If you look at juice containers I would say it’s the same sugar content or more than soda.  Now don’t get me wrong I think we should look at our consumption and decide what is healthy but please don’t do this for me.  Taxing has helped very little when it comes to beer or cigarettes.  I hope the states look at this and decide they are already deciding enough for us.  Now off my soap box.


About I LOVE Soda

I drink way to much soda. On a trip to Atlanta for a teachers convention the highlight of my trip was my Coke museum tour. I've tasted Soda (or Pop as we usually call it) from around the world and don't plan on stopping.
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6 Responses to Tax and Pop

  1. Mia says:

    As much as I only want my kids to drink Pop when I allow it I don’t want Illinois to tax anything else. I think they already get money for every breath I take.

  2. Jimmy says:

    I’m not sure I like this, where did you read it.

  3. Tasha says:

    I must have seen the same newscast as I Love Soda. I think it was New York that is considering it as well as other States. Time to write our reps at the State levels.

  4. Tommy says:

    I hope not!

  5. ilovesoda says:

    I hope not also but it may happen. I just want everyone to be educated on the subject.

  6. Kelly Richards says:

    I don’t want to be taxed but I do think we need to look at the consumption of sugar drinks. It might be the only way to stop some people from drinking too much soda.

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