Soda Stream

I’ve been reading A LOT about the Soda Stream pop maker lately.  I looked at this a number of years ago but it was cost prohibitive.  I’ve noticed that there are many new models and some very affordable.  I’m a gadget nut so the Soda Stream plays right into that niche for me.  I’m also a bit skeptical that’s just part of my nature.  I saw that Martha Stewart recently featured the product on her show and it really has my interest now.  I have also looked at the good old Soda Siphons.  The more I read about the Siphons the less I am leaning in that direction.  It seems as though the Siphons would be cheaper until you read more into the real cost.  Hmmm, it might be time to look at other options.  there is one item called the Fizz Giz.  It is the basic sort of carbonation device but it still looks interesting.  Of course I can create my own carbonator using a two liter bottle, yeast, sugar and water.  There are a few other items needed such as tubing and modifying a bottle cap but it might be fun.  


About I LOVE Soda

I drink way to much soda. On a trip to Atlanta for a teachers convention the highlight of my trip was my Coke museum tour. I've tasted Soda (or Pop as we usually call it) from around the world and don't plan on stopping.
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3 Responses to Soda Stream

  1. tony says:

    vernors ginger ale is a unique soft drink. lots of flavor with lots of bite.

  2. ChaosBean says:

    I want a soda stream, it seems like a lot of fun and it is better for the environment than my diet soda addiction is currently. But, I could not drink something from something called “Fizz Giz” its too close to other things and it is making me gag.

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