I had the chance to taste a product that I must rave about.   I don’t know if you’ve seen anything on the net or Facebook about a product called FAVE.  I will add the link to their website.  They have something called  Fruit Flavored Aerated Water.  I’ve tasted plenty of fruit flavored waters and though I like them they always had the artificial fruit flavor.  Flav really amazed me!  The Peach flavor tasted just like a fresh peach.  To actually compare the flavors I cut open a fresh grown peach and took a bite.  I then took a sip from the Peach flavored Flav.  They were as close in flavor as possible.  The grape was incredible, it had the sweet crispy flavor of fresh purple grapes.  I had my nephew who only likes two kinds of fruit he approved completely, he tried the Apple and Grape.  I actually managed to get him to taste the Peach Flav, he loved it.  He  enjoyed it so much we got him to taste a real peach, he prefers the drink.  The Cherry flavor was very good.  It had a rich cherry flavor which is sometimes lost in the other flavored water drinks.  The Cherry flavor didn’t have that candy artificial aftertaste that I’ve tasted in other waters.  I love the taste of mangos but I HATE dealing with the large pit in the fruit.  I was happy to learn that the mango tastes just like the fruit.  Yes, I will still eat the fruit but I will now have an alternative when I want that flavor.

I will say that I usually drink diet drinks but the drinks are 80 calories so I don’t mind indulging every once in a while.  I also really like the packaging.   It’s unique and interesting to look at, not a big factor in taste however as an artist I find it appealing.

I like promoting new products or ones I’ve just started seeing online.  I hope you all look at their web site.  I usually don’t get this excited about a product but you should all really take a minute and look at their web site.

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Root Beer

Yes, I’ve talked about it before bit Root Beer deserves numerous visits. 

I’ve tried so many brands and I have only found one no name brand that I don’t care for at all.  Today I want to talk about Frostop.  The company recently opened up a root beer stand in the town of Tell City, Indiana.  They used to have one in Jasper, I’ve been told it was more than thirty years ago.  Now the reason I mention this is if you are lucky enough to be near a Frostop Root Beer stand you should go.  Their product is amazing!  The soda itself taste like someone really took great care to make it.  The flavor profile is amazing!  If you love root beer you know that there are many flavors involved.  I like vanilla and in Frostops brand you can really detect the vanilla flavor.  They also have a Carmel Vanilla Cream Soda, I do really like this but would love if they sold it in a diet version.  You can only imagine the wonderful flavor that these sodas create with a scoop of ice cream.

Do yourselves a favor find a Frostop Stand or go to the web site and find a location that you can purchase a bottle of Frostop!!!

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It’s been a while.

So I’ve been out of commission with my blog for a while but I am back!!!!

I still LOVE Soda!!!  Have you all seen that Soda Stream is now going Main Stream!  They are in more and more stores!!!   I’m so excited!  I believe I have saved so much on of all things my garbage bill because of Soda Stream.  In my town we have to purchase stickers to put on our bags.  I used to have two full bags with nothing but soda bottles and cans.  That means I am now saving three dollars a week just on garbage.  I penny pinch so that’s a big deal. 

Have you tried the natural flavors?  I am a diet drinker all the way but because the calories are not too bad I indulge occasionally with the naturals.  I’ll also give you a really cool hint.  I make homemade marshmallows as a sideline, guess what I used to flavor many of the recipes?  That’s right the natual soda flavors. 

Happy drinking all!!!

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I’m Back!!!

So it’s been a while but I’m back.  Long story short……life gets in the way sometimes.

I’ve made a few concoctions including a creme soda, a marshmallow inspired soda and a strawberry soda.

Most of you don’t know this but I make and sell some awesome Marshmallows.  I’ve made a lot lately with Easter just around the block.  I thought why not make a marshmallow flavored soda.  I purchased a marshmallow flavored candy oil and mixed it with sugar and water along with a little vanilla.  I heated this to create a syrup.  Wow, it was good.  It tasted different from a Creme Soda but not too different.  I also made a strawberry soda by smashing strawberries and making another simple syrup.  Just add carbonated water and drink.  I can’t wait for summer and all the wonderful fruits that will be available to create new flavors.

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I made another batch of ginger ale.  This batch has a really unique flavor, it tastes very much like an apple pie.  I brewed the fresh ginger with  water, sugar, lots of cinnamon, lemon juice.  I also added pumpkin pie spice which is what I believe made the ale taste like an apple pie.   I let the batch boil for a half an hour then put it on simmer for another two hours.  I made this into a concentrate and refrigerated it for a few hours.  The hard part is deciding how much to dilute the concentrate with water.  I like a good burn from a ginger ale so I  didn’t dilute as much as when I make it for someone else.  I couldn’t wait to taste this batch!  It was better than I thought possible and when I added the CO2 it created a wonderful foam head!  Which you could taste it but since you can’t I’m going to have another drink for you!

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A GREAT beverage site

I’ve been going to a GREAT site recently about beverages and other snack foods.  The guy who runs the site is about the most interesting reviewer I’ve seen or watched.  He goes into detail when it comes to relating the taste of the sodas and snacks.   I highly recommend his site.

Go check him out!  NOW!!!

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Saying a big thank you.

I forgot to mention that I have a great friend who is lending me the use of his Soda Stream.  I really love using it and it’s a wonderful gadget.  I use it and my homemade carbonator to taste test various products and my homemade concoctions.

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